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One of the books I have cooked out of most extensively is Marcella Hazan‘s Marcella’s Kitchen. I bought it somewhere in the 90s and read it cover to cover. I came to understand so many techniques and basics of Italian cooking, while cooking a huge amount of recipes from the book. Marcella is an old […]

Fresh lily bulb


Roaming through Chinese supermarkets is certainly my idea of a good time. Holding a basket, I can go through all isles as if I have to study it all. I read the packaging for different brands, I hover above their frozen food section, I stare at their collection of vinegars (for example), and I check […]



I love lasagna and all other oven pasta dishes, and cannelloni is one of my favorites. They are so comforting to eat, especially when the weather outside it horrible. But, pressed for time in today’s hectic lifestyle, these are the dishes we don’t seem to get around cooking. I have found a way of adding […]

This spread (or dip) is from a book on Georgian cooking, for which I wrote a review (at foodblog Zestz, in Dutch). With Georgia, I mean the country of Georgia, situated near the Black Sea, bordering with Russia, Turkey and Armenia, not the USA state of Georgia!There were quite a lot of interesting recipes in […]

This is one of my favorite tofu recipes from China. It is easily the best known one: soft white cubes of tofu floating in an intense red chili oil sauce, with minced meat, spring onions and garlic and ginger. It has quite a funny name: 麻婆 mapo means pockmarked woman, and this woman with her […]

Happy new year!


Wishing everyone a very happy 2008 with lots of good food in good health and happiness!