Gongxi facai 恭喜发财


Gongxi facai! 恭喜发财 Wishing you luck and many riches! Today is the first day of the Chinese New Year or ‘Spring Festival’ as they call it now. It is the start of a holiday period in China, everyone tries to be home with your family, as this is really a family feast of togetherness. Poor migrant workers are stuck in the snow somewhere in the middle of China halfway their journey, as the main North-South line between Guangzhou and Beijing is interrupted.

Here we had a feast of Chinese dumplings or jiaozi, definitely the dish to eat on the First day of the year. But I made a large plate of Peking duck (the easy way), and had it with Peking pancakes (薄饼 baobing) which you can also buy frozen. Just heat in the microwave. That’s not really cooking is it?

Next time I’ll blog about the duck because I don’t really have the energy to explain in a coherent way how to do this. Well, yes, in short: de-feeze duck (it comes in a pack from the freezer, 2 large chunks of duck with skin on and no bones), put in oven for 30 minutes until crispy, cut into shreds and have with microwaved Peking pancakes, slivers of spring onion and sweet bean paste (tianmianjiang, NOT hoisin) diluted with a little water and Shaoxing wine. That’s it!

I completely overstuffed with the duck because I like it so much. Then we had jiaozi with sauce and a salad and 1000-year old eggs as a kind of side dish. And ice cream to finish it off. A good start of a year, don’t you think?

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