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As soon as I found out Fuchsia Dunlop had written a new book with her memoirs on eating in China, I ordered it online rightaway. I read it cover to cover in one day. Fuchsia Dunlop’s story is very interesting: she did all the things one would have liked to do in China. For starters, […]

Bubur sumsum


I am not a dessert person really. But this bubur sumsum dessert, an Indonesian pudding made of rice flour, coconut milk and pandan leaves, is no hassle at all to make, and everyone really enjoys it so much at the end of their meal. The creamy, silky bubur has a soothing, smooth, pudding-like texture, and […]

Cooking can be an elaborate affair, but sometimes it is quick and easy. Like last night. I didn’t quite know what to cook so I looked in my fridge to see what I would find there. Half a cauliflower (well, why not?). This is a challenge to some – see Mr. Wateetons’ la semaine des […]

Baozi (包子)


It is funny how lately my new food surprises don’t come from a new cooking technique. I have been surprised by the excellent taste of mapo tofu that materialized; I have been surprised by the delicious flavour of the Chinese eggplant recipe; and yesterday I was shocked to find my homemade baozi (Chinese meat buns) […]

Lentil stew


One can’t have too many cookbooks, don’t you agree? Well… I own over 150 cookbooks I think (but then I count the smaller ones too); but that doesn’t keep me from leafing through cookbooks when I am in a bookshop. Even if I feel the overkill more acute than, say, one year ago, I am […]