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Off to China


I perhaps won’t be blogging for some weeks. I am going to China! Now, on the last day, I have to prepare and to pack, and tackle the busiest day on the national airport today. Sure it is going to be fun, and there is always lots of good food, to which I am looking […]

Yes, I’ve got my new steamer. It is huge, and on top of that, it even has two layers! Now I had to think of something to steam. You can steam anything really, but the first dish I steamed was this salmon dish in Chinese style. Take one slab of salmon a person (here it […]

I didn’t think making these coconut macaroons would be this easy. I love things with coconut flavour, and sometimes in the shops I buy these ready made. But these macaroons are so extremely quick and easy to do at home, that next time I’ll just stock up on the ingredients. Start by heating your oven […]

Just a short update on the chiles. I preserved them in salt more than 3 weeks ago and kept them out of the fridge all the time. To be honest they were in the fridge in the beginning and I peeked after 3 days ( I guess I shouldn’t have). But then I made the […]

Yesterday I was, again, funshopping in the Asian store, choosing a different one then the large supermarket I usually go to. There are four Chinese supermarkets in the center of The Hague, and I visit them in turns, although I seem to skip the one in the Wagenstraat (长江行 Cheung Kong) because it is further […]

Last Monday I was lucky to be treated to my first taste of an Algerian pastilla, made by some fellow foodies (thanks again, guys! it was great!). A pastilla is a pie of filo (phyllo) dough, filled with chicken, eggs and almonds and with very subtle flavorings, with traces of coriander, cinnamon and other spices. […]

Olympic menu


There have been very hilarious moments when I discovered the bulk of photos tagged Chinglish in Flickr. The Chinese, as well as the Japanese, have the most wonderful translations when it comes to English. Menus are notorious for their strange translations. And it hits the customers hardest when they sit down nervously in a non-English-speaking […]

Being in a Chinese cooking mood, I decided to try out this staple of the Hunan kitchen: salted chiles (剁辣椒, duo lajiao). These chiles are supposed to go on steamed fish dishes, or accompany noodles and other treats. But buying them from a jar in the Chinese store might not get you the right stuff […]