Update: salted chiles


chopped chilesJust a short update on the chiles. I preserved them in salt more than 3 weeks ago and kept them out of the fridge all the time. To be honest they were in the fridge in the beginning and I peeked after 3 days ( I guess I shouldn’t have). But then I made the firm decision I should let the chiles undergo their fermenting process or curing process, so I put them out in the kitchen again and kept the glass jar closed for the rest of the time.

This is what you get: the water has drawn out of the chiles, and they kept their absolute red brightness. The taste has mellowed somewhat : you can eat the chiles raw. Which I did. They look more fierce now than they actually are. And they are great to use in any dish that needs a bit of heat. I should now ponder which dish that is going to be, and then I’ll keep you posted.

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