Coconut macaroons


I didn’t think making these coconut macaroons would be this easy. I love things with coconut flavour, and sometimes in the shops I buy these ready made. But these macaroons are so extremely quick and easy to do at home, that next time I’ll just stock up on the ingredients.

Start by heating your oven at 200C. Take 125 grams of soft white sugar and two egg whites. Beat with a whisk to combine. You don’t need to stiffen the egg whites, just whisk it together until creamy looking. Mix in 125 grams of dry grated coconut (from a package) and blend well. For some extra flavour, you can add grated lime zest or a drop of vanilla extract at this stage.

Use a small spoon to make about 12 to 20 drops of the mixture on a baking sheet. Try to space them regularly, and don’t go too close to the edge, because the macaroons will flatten while baking. Bake in the middle of the oven for 12 minutes until golden, then take out to cool.

I’m a coco girl. I just love the macaroons’ chewiness with the sweet coconut flavour and the hint of lime. I don’t know if these keep well, there are 4 left now and they sure won’t last until Monday!

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