Steaming fresh salmon


steaming salmonYes, I’ve got my new steamer. It is huge, and on top of that, it even has two layers! Now I had to think of something to steam. You can steam anything really, but the first dish I steamed was this salmon dish in Chinese style.

Take one slab of salmon a person (here it is only the two of us) and put on a heatproof plate. Top each piece of salmon with a teaspoon black beans (Yangjiang brand is nice, look here for review), half a teaspoon of grated ginger, half a teaspoon of finely chopped garlic, a few chopped salted chiles and pour over some soy and rice wine.

Bring water to the boil. When it steams happily in your steamer, put in the plate with fish and cover with lid. Check after 5 minutes and take out before completely done, after 7 minutes or so, depending on the size – the fish keeps on cooking somehow.

You can add chopped spring onions and cilantro now, and pour over 2 tablespoons of heated oil so the herbs will sizzle. I, unfortunately, ran out of spring onions and cilantro and had to do without. But it was very delicious nevertheless.

Great party food, too: I mean how easy can it be, steaming plates and plates of salmon for a roomful of people? Just buy a big enough steamer! The steamers come from Thailand and are on sale in Asian stores. Because they are made from aluminium, they come quite cheaply. The cheapest go for about 20 euros.

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