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There is no way I can leave the market without trying to see if the fishmonger has unpeeled grey shrimp. These are stacked in big bags (if they have them), cooked on the fishing boat that takes them in. These grey shrimp are more tasty than the other shrimp varieties, and while I have them […]

Tomato sauce


One of the joys of coming home is to have this first meal. I always crave for the simple, and usually I end up eating my first meal of pasta with a tomato sauce. I could even do without the tomatoes and then only use anchovies, pepper and some garlic. Of course there is a […]

Too bad I have to go home again. I just started to enjoy this life of walking around, chatting with people, and trying out food in all kinds of restaurants. I haven’t been in the kitchen for two weeks, but back home, I will have to cook again myself. But not without new stuff! I […]

I’ve traveled from Beijing to Shanghai and back, and eaten many Chinese meals. To eat in China is heaven (although there are food scares and everything); restaurants are plentiful and food is absolutely cheap. You eat out with 5 people, order 4 starters and 5 main dishes, drink beers and orange juice with your meal, […]

This is one of the novelties I’ve seen in Beijing. There is great food everywhere, but once you are in the Forbidden City, the Imperial Palace in the heart of the city, there are no restaurants, but only snack corners and tea stands. They kicked out Starbucks from their small counter last year, because a […]