To Shanghai and back


Chinese marketI’ve traveled from Beijing to Shanghai and back, and eaten many Chinese meals. To eat in China is heaven (although there are food scares and everything); restaurants are plentiful and food is absolutely cheap. You eat out with 5 people, order 4 starters and 5 main dishes, drink beers and orange juice with your meal, and then the total bill comes to about 20 euros. Of course that doesn’t really matter, the food is utterly delicious, an it being cheap is even more wonderful, because then you just start ordering dishes just to try out. Something I hardly do at home because I fear disappointment.

The food comes to your table real fast, as soon as it is out of the wok, and is always nice to eat. I have tried my all-time favorites again (ie chicken Kong pao gongbao jiding), tried many dumplings (can’t wait to have more), and tried some new stuff.

On a market stall in Shanghai there are many things to eat and buy. Of course there is fresh produce (frogs), lots of great-looking vegetables and ready made cold salads and cold meats. Two women were buying a stuffed lotus root with sticky rice inside, soaked in a kind of honey marinade, and I bought some peanuts flavored with seaweed to take on the night train.

I saw this woman frying up some kind of dough curls in hot oil. It looked a bit too greasy for me, but I would have liked to try! I asked her what it was called and she told me, but I didn’t hear correctly so I still don’t know the name…

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