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After several years of just buying the stuff, the cheesemaking bug started to itch again. There was a time I made this regularly, in a sunny kitchen at the end of the day: a fresh white cheese, home made from fresh milk, buttermilk and rennet in just over 1 hour. The process is simple and […]

Quick and elegant, that’s how I would describe this dish. Perfect as a pasta course, with just some grilled pork chop or lamb chop on the side, or a nice grilled fish or chicken. Or just a plain salad with goat’s cheese and bacon strips. Orzo looks like flecks of rice, but it is a […]

Nooooooo, you can’t be serious!!!! I thought, wachting the newest tv-ad for the well-known brand of Conimex (Unilever), a huge producer of Asian convenience foods in the Netherlands. This brand has been around locally since the 1950s, when Conimex started to cater for the growing demand in ingredients for the cuisine of the former colony […]

These cucumber strips might look too plain and simple to blog about. But in this miniseries on Chinese starters, you really can’t miss out on this one. It is actually the starter I order immediately with no second thoughts when see it on the menu – and in China that is almost always the case. […]

This Chinese starter scores high on the scary-looking exotic foods list. Although your guests can tell these blackish things probably won’t be monkey brains, they will not easily pick up their chopsticks to take a bite, until you tell them these are a must-try. These duck eggs, with their black translucent outside and gooey greenish-grey […]

With this second post, I am on my first steps in getting together a series of Chinese cold starters for hot days. Making a Chinese meal is difficult enough with all the prep work you have to do. It can be tough: cutting and shredding ingredients for hours on end, not even able to finish […]

On my last trip to China I saw this salad everywhere on the menu: a cold salad with finely shredded strips of tofu, almost resembling noodles, seasoned with sesame oil, garlic and cilantro. This is the kind of thing you order first to have with cold beers on a warm summer night, and you practice […]

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A couple of years back I visited the island of La Palma, of the Spanish Canary Islands. It is the place which features as an island of doom in Discovery Channel programmes, because a large chunk of this island, somewhere in the future, will supposedly break off and splash into the sea, causing a giant […]

Of course I was nervous about interviewing Gino D’Acampo, the young and charming Italian chef of Ready Steady Cook. I had a meetup with him for his visit to the Netherlands, last Friday, when he was here to promote his new book Fantastico. He was a little late because he got stuck in a traffic […]