Christmas ahead


ChristmasOn the darkest, shortest day of the year, with dull grey weather, nobody really wants to do anything. Least of all think about a Christmas menu. The supermarkets are suddenly filled with all kinds of interesting foodstuffs, things they don’t usually stock. Things I would like them to stock all year round, because why would I only want to eat nice things at Christmas?

My Christmas menu is not at all set. It used to be otherwise! Ten years back, I would be all over all my cookbooks to set up the menu of menus. With the Roux brothers, Marcella Hazan, Nigella and Carluccio at hand, I would carefully ponder the match between main course and starter. Or between amuse and dessert. We would even go to the special store to buy all kinds of luxury foods. Somehow it is not the time now. Luxury things have hit the ordinary shops and I cook nice stuff all year round. It doesn’t have to be Christmas for you to start cooking, you know.

I know madness will strike many people, who probably hit the shops on Tuesdays with huge lists and nervous eyes, grabbing their stuff for some perfect home cooked dinner. Others might eat out or buy ready set menus from the larger supermarket chains.

But this year I might just bake some lasagna or a potato gratin and have a piece of chicken for main. I haven’t decided yet…

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