Gravad lax- home cured salmon


The last couple of weeks I’ve made this salmon more than once. The slices of home cured salmon are much nicer than the ones you get from supermarket packages, and really, there is nothing to it, except a little wait. It takes from 48 to 72 hours (yes, 2 to 3 days) before the salmon has cured and is ready to eat. A mixture of salt, sugar, pepper and dill dries out the salmon and you get a dark meat, firm texture and delicious flavor.

For 1 kilo of salmon, you will need:
[from Mr. Ooijer‘s recipe]

1 kilo of salmon, with skin on
50 grams of sea salt
30 grams of pepper (choose white, black or mixed, what you like)
80 grams of icing sugar
large bunch of fresh dill
cling film or alu foil

Slice the salmon into 2 pieces of equal size. (You will tie them together, sandwich-style, later). Crush the pepper in a mortar or with a rolling pin. Make a rub of the salt, sugar and pepper and rub it into the salmon flesh, make sure to cover everything.
Then chop up your fresh dill and put on one piece, add the other piece on top, sandwich style. Put on a large piece of alufoil or clingfilm and cover tightly.

Now put it in the fridge, with or without a heavy object on top. I’ve experimented with both: the first time I only put on like two bottles of beer (light weight), and turned every day. That salmon came out beautifully, succulent, delicious. The other time I might have put in too much salt (I thought I knew the recipe by heart) , and weighed with the mortar on top (heavy weight), also turning every day, and that salmon came out dryer, but much saltier. I think I prefer the former.

After 48, or preferably 72 hours, your salmon is ready. Unwrap, scrape off dill mixture and excess pepper and salt, then slice into thin slices. Excellent as starter, or as snack. Have it on toast with the traditional mixture of mustard, dill and sugar, or with your favorite mayo or horseradish. You don’t have to buy 1 kilo of salmon to make it, you can do it with smaller portions as well. Adapt the recipe accordingly. Try it, you’ll like it! And if not, I know a cat that really really does 😉


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