Panko shrimp


This is, in my opinion, the perfect snack food for long summer evenings. Shrimp always tastes heavenly, and coating them with Japanese breadcrumbs (panko) is even nicer. They get a great crunch. When you serve these shrimp with a mix of mayonaise and sriracha hot sauce, my recent addiction, the whole plate of shrimp will be gone in no time.

You will need:
1 box of freezer shrimp, heads/tails on;
panko bread crumbs (Asian store);
1 egg, some soy sauce, mashed garlic if you like;
oil for frying
Sauce: a nice mayo + Sriracha hot sauce will do

Thaw the shrimp, peel them – keep the tails on for a nicer look, and save the shells to make a nice stock to keep for later.
Carefully slice the shrimp open from the belly side and devein. This is a little bit of a hassle now, but it will taste great later on.

Marinate for half an hour or more (you can do prep work beforehand) in a mixture of egg, soy sauce, white wine (optional) and mashed garlic if you like. Just before you want to eat the shrimp, coat them in panko breadcrumbs and fry in oil until crispy and done.

Serve with mayo and sriracha and other side dishes. Here I had them on some beautifully draped shiso leaves, and sushi and other bites to go as well. Perfect to go in an Asian meal!


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