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Making kimchi


Kimchi is Korea’s national dish: fermented Chinese cabbage preserved in a spicy chili mixture. It tastes zingy, spicy and fresh at the same time and goes really well with all kinds of dishes, also with fried rice. In Korea, they have it with about every meal and the Koreans believe strongly in its healthy properties. […]

You know it by now, I love watching Chinese cooking videos – for example on YouTube- and getting new inspiration. The older Chinese cookbooks are to blame- they hardly have any photos, nor mouthwatering pictures, only boring pages with only characters, so you have to be super dedicated to really read it all without a […]

Summer cooking


Although the summer was not half as long as I hoped it would be – and I could use a lot more of summer heat – I really enjoyed cooking outdoors. After one year of indecisiveness I finally jumped into action and spent my money on a Big Green Egg, the Rolls Royce of barbecues […]

Finally some time to write up a recipe- I’ve been too busy with nothing, holidaying, shooting pictures, cooking simple and not so simple food, and my new addiction twitter, which is fun enough to post little things on about stuff that interests you, but seriously keeps one from blogging or writing up longer pieces altogether. […]