Just in case


Just in case you are wondering if I haven’t given up blogging altogether? No I haven’t, but I have been very busy with lots of other things. Including other blogs!
First of all there’s my Dutch blog on Chinese and other Asian ingredients, plus reviews of Chinese supermarkets at Tokowijzer.nl. Secondly, I am twittering quite regularly – mostly in English at @kattebelletje. All those tweets appear again on my Facebook page.

Since last year I have a new job where I use my Chinese skills at the East Asian Library where I write about eresources, databases, search tips, books and other stuff at the library.

You can go to my photos on Flickr where you can see what foodie things I have been up to: allotment gardening, baking bread and home cooking mostly.

And the last new thing is a blog we started with our food-loving co-workers at the library: the Eating Library.
So if you don’t see much going on here, go find me at all the other places… 😉


2 Responses to “Just in case”

  1. 1 trix

    Wat een leuek site! Geef je ook kookcursussen in Amsterdam?

  2. 2 Simon.

    Heb jij je sze chuan vegetable inmiddels gevonden? Gewoon op de Zeedijk.

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