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You know it by now, I love watching Chinese cooking videos – for example on YouTube- and getting new inspiration. The older Chinese cookbooks are to blame- they hardly have any photos, nor mouthwatering pictures, only boring pages with only characters, so you have to be super dedicated to really read it all without a […]

Finally some time to write up a recipe- I’ve been too busy with nothing, holidaying, shooting pictures, cooking simple and not so simple food, and my new addiction twitter, which is fun enough to post little things on about stuff that interests you, but seriously keeps one from blogging or writing up longer pieces altogether. […]

These cucumber strips might look too plain and simple to blog about. But in this miniseries on Chinese starters, you really can’t miss out on this one. It is actually the starter I order immediately with no second thoughts when see it on the menu – and in China that is almost always the case. […]

This Chinese starter scores high on the scary-looking exotic foods list. Although your guests can tell these blackish things probably won’t be monkey brains, they will not easily pick up their chopsticks to take a bite, until you tell them these are a must-try. These duck eggs, with their black translucent outside and gooey greenish-grey […]

With this second post, I am on my first steps in getting together a series of Chinese cold starters for hot days. Making a Chinese meal is difficult enough with all the prep work you have to do. It can be tough: cutting and shredding ingredients for hours on end, not even able to finish […]

This is one of the novelties I’ve seen in Beijing. There is great food everywhere, but once you are in the Forbidden City, the Imperial Palace in the heart of the city, there are no restaurants, but only snack corners and tea stands. They kicked out Starbucks from their small counter last year, because a […]

Baozi (包子)


It is funny how lately my new food surprises don’t come from a new cooking technique. I have been surprised by the excellent taste of mapo tofu that materialized; I have been surprised by the delicious flavour of the Chinese eggplant recipe; and yesterday I was shocked to find my homemade baozi (Chinese meat buns) […]