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Panko shrimp


This is, in my opinion, the perfect snack food for long summer evenings. Shrimp always tastes heavenly, and coating them with Japanese breadcrumbs (panko) is even nicer. They get a great crunch. When you serve these shrimp with a mix of mayonaise and sriracha hot sauce, my recent addiction, the whole plate of shrimp will […]

The last couple of weeks I’ve made this salmon more than once. The slices of home cured salmon are much nicer than the ones you get from supermarket packages, and really, there is nothing to it, except a little wait. It takes from 48 to 72 hours (yes, 2 to 3 days) before the salmon […]

This dish is really nice if you want to eat fish the Chinese style. It is quick to prepare if using whitefish fillets, and a meal by itself or with more dishes for a larger Chinese dinner. You will need: 400 grams of cod (or other white fish)1 spring onion1 cm of ginger1 or 2 […]

There is no way I can leave the market without trying to see if the fishmonger has unpeeled grey shrimp. These are stacked in big bags (if they have them), cooked on the fishing boat that takes them in. These grey shrimp are more tasty than the other shrimp varieties, and while I have them […]

Yes, I’ve got my new steamer. It is huge, and on top of that, it even has two layers! Now I had to think of something to steam. You can steam anything really, but the first dish I steamed was this salmon dish in Chinese style. Take one slab of salmon a person (here it […]