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lotus buns


These ‘lotus leaf buns’ (heye jia or ‘lotus buns’) have been on my to-make-list forever. At least, since I rediscovered them on my trip to China last May, where we had them several times in both Beijing and Shanghai. These lotus buns are a Chinese steamed bread-variety, made from the same dough as baozi, mantou […]

To start the beginning of this new year, I am going to share one of my favorite recipes with you: Chinese noodles, also known as “one-spoon noodles” or “sniffy nose noodles” because it takes a spoonful of all kinds of Chinese ingredients to give these noodles their wonderful kick – and a sniffy nose while […]

There are these dishes you just forget about. They used to have their golden years, when they were regularly on the menu, you had their ingredients in the cupboard all the time, and everyone really enjoyed them (especially you) – and then they were all forgotten. Perhaps you had it too much; or you met […]