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Quick and elegant, that’s how I would describe this dish. Perfect as a pasta course, with just some grilled pork chop or lamb chop on the side, or a nice grilled fish or chicken. Or just a plain salad with goat’s cheese and bacon strips. Orzo looks like flecks of rice, but it is a […]

Tomato sauce


One of the joys of coming home is to have this first meal. I always crave for the simple, and usually I end up eating my first meal of pasta with a tomato sauce. I could even do without the tomatoes and then only use anchovies, pepper and some garlic. Of course there is a […]



I love lasagna and all other oven pasta dishes, and cannelloni is one of my favorites. They are so comforting to eat, especially when the weather outside it horrible. But, pressed for time in today’s hectic lifestyle, these are the dishes we don’t seem to get around cooking. I have found a way of adding […]