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Return my mojo!


A couple of years back I visited the island of La Palma, of the Spanish Canary Islands. It is the place which features as an island of doom in Discovery Channel programmes, because a large chunk of this island, somewhere in the future, will supposedly break off and splash into the sea, causing a giant […]

Tomato sauce


One of the joys of coming home is to have this first meal. I always crave for the simple, and usually I end up eating my first meal of pasta with a tomato sauce. I could even do without the tomatoes and then only use anchovies, pepper and some garlic. Of course there is a […]

Walnut sauce


Although everyone is complaining about global warming and the loss of our true Dutch winters (if ever we had them), winter is far from over. We are stuck with a chilly, overcast, misty haze and a temperature of around 5 degrees Celcius, which chills you to the bone. The only thing I would like to […]

This spread (or dip) is from a book on Georgian cooking, for which I wrote a review (at foodblog Zestz, in Dutch). With Georgia, I mean the country of Georgia, situated near the Black Sea, bordering with Russia, Turkey and Armenia, not the USA state of Georgia!There were quite a lot of interesting recipes in […]