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Moving on


Time for a new move! I’ve been back for over a month now, and thinking about my trip every day since I came home. I enjoyed my stay at the Chengdu cooking course immensely. Such an incredible routine to study cooking every day! Get up, get dressed, grab one’s cook’s jacket and apron and go […]

Too bad I have to go home again. I just started to enjoy this life of walking around, chatting with people, and trying out food in all kinds of restaurants. I haven’t been in the kitchen for two weeks, but back home, I will have to cook again myself. But not without new stuff! I […]

I’ve traveled from Beijing to Shanghai and back, and eaten many Chinese meals. To eat in China is heaven (although there are food scares and everything); restaurants are plentiful and food is absolutely cheap. You eat out with 5 people, order 4 starters and 5 main dishes, drink beers and orange juice with your meal, […]

Off to China


I perhaps won’t be blogging for some weeks. I am going to China! Now, on the last day, I have to prepare and to pack, and tackle the busiest day on the national airport today. Sure it is going to be fun, and there is always lots of good food, to which I am looking […]

Olympic menu


There have been very hilarious moments when I discovered the bulk of photos tagged Chinglish in Flickr. The Chinese, as well as the Japanese, have the most wonderful translations when it comes to English. Menus are notorious for their strange translations. And it hits the customers hardest when they sit down nervously in a non-English-speaking […]

As soon as I found out Fuchsia Dunlop had written a new book with her memoirs on eating in China, I ordered it online rightaway. I read it cover to cover in one day. Fuchsia Dunlop’s story is very interesting: she did all the things one would have liked to do in China. For starters, […]