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Coffee granita


The weather is perfect for making coffee granita (granita di caffe). It is so hot, what could be better than coming home and getting this ice cold granita, made of strong espresso and then lots of cold whipped cream? I just love it in summer. It is especially good after a long meal of salads […]

Tomorrow is the big day: I am leaving for Chengdu. There I will attend a 2-week cooking course at the Sichuan Institute of Higher Cuisine, the school that Fuchsia Dunlop attended in the 1990s. I am very excited to learn lots of things- and really looking forward to walk around this bustling city, filled with […]

Here is Fuchsia Dunlop frying some pork belly slices in a wok at a cooking class in London, for ‘twice cooked pork’. Her class, “Sincerely Sichuan” at the Divertimenti cookery school, was completely sold out. Sitting in the front row (and in the back rows too!) one could smell the lovely fragrance of Sichuan pepper […]

It all started 2 months ago when I, as usual, was strolling though a Chinese supermarket for fun. I found an intriguing box called ‘Easy Cake‘ in the shape of a mini-size microwave oven, which claimed on the box to produce a lovely chocolate cake in the microwave in just 2,5 minutes. Of course I […]

Tonight there are celebrations for the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Ox. An ox is called ‘niu’ in Chinese, so you can wish everyone a happy niu-year! Don’t believe it when you read somewhere the Chinese are celebrating the year 4753 or whatever figure you might be reading – traditionally, the Chinese really […]

These home made chocolate truffles are definitely very, very delicious. Of course they are full of butter and cream – I mean, deliciousness comes with the very best ingredients, doesn’t it? Sometimes these chocolate truffles are for sale in supermarkets in a very small bag with a large price tag attached, but you can easily […]

Christmas ahead


On the darkest, shortest day of the year, with dull grey weather, nobody really wants to do anything. Least of all think about a Christmas menu. The supermarkets are suddenly filled with all kinds of interesting foodstuffs, things they don’t usually stock. Things I would like them to stock all year round, because why would […]

Well, it has been a while, hasn’t it? I must say, after starting the site tokowijzer I really didn’t see the hype coming! The new site was very well received; we got a lot of good reviews and more visitors that kattebelletje ever had. I have spent many hours updating the site and making pictures. […]

Of course I was nervous about interviewing Gino D’Acampo, the young and charming Italian chef of Ready Steady Cook. I had a meetup with him for his visit to the Netherlands, last Friday, when he was here to promote his new book Fantastico. He was a little late because he got stuck in a traffic […]

Happy new year!


Wishing everyone a very happy 2008 with lots of good food in good health and happiness!