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Yesterday I was, again, funshopping in the Asian store, choosing a different one then the large supermarket I usually go to. There are four Chinese supermarkets in the center of The Hague, and I visit them in turns, although I seem to skip the one in the Wagenstraat (长江行 Cheung Kong) because it is further […]

Being in a Chinese cooking mood, I decided to try out this staple of the Hunan kitchen: salted chiles (剁辣椒, duo lajiao). These chiles are supposed to go on steamed fish dishes, or accompany noodles and other treats. But buying them from a jar in the Chinese store might not get you the right stuff […]

Cooking can be an elaborate affair, but sometimes it is quick and easy. Like last night. I didn’t quite know what to cook so I looked in my fridge to see what I would find there. Half a cauliflower (well, why not?). This is a challenge to some – see Mr. Wateetons’ la semaine des […]

One of the books I have cooked out of most extensively is Marcella Hazan‘s Marcella’s Kitchen. I bought it somewhere in the 90s and read it cover to cover. I came to understand so many techniques and basics of Italian cooking, while cooking a huge amount of recipes from the book. Marcella is an old […]

Fresh lily bulb


Roaming through Chinese supermarkets is certainly my idea of a good time. Holding a basket, I can go through all isles as if I have to study it all. I read the packaging for different brands, I hover above their frozen food section, I stare at their collection of vinegars (for example), and I check […]